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The Old Paths Conventicle

is a regular gathering of believers from the region
and beyond for mutual encouragement and


In December 2013, Rev. Maurice Roberts, Inverness, 
Scotland delivered several papers at our inaugural
conference. Delegates from Australia, Hong Kong,
Malaysia, and Singapore attended and were blessed and
The 2015 Conventicle was held from 21-24 December. Papers
read were Every Head, Christ; Every Heart, Meditative; Every Home, a Seminary and
Every Hour, the Fear of God by Rev Maurice Roberts.
Rev David Silversides addressed The Being and Well-Being of a Church, Communion with the Triune God; Law and Gospel and The Gospel of Grace.
Pastor JJ Lim spoke of The History of Salvation and The History of Dogma.
"The encouragement and teaching badly needed for me were there for me".
"An edifying mix of orthodoxy and orthopraxy, of fellowship  with a Korean, Englishman, Welshman, Malaysians, Singaporeans and those from Hong Kong. "
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